Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So awhile back, I was surfing through some blogs, when I came across some little cards on a woman's blog. They were more like bookmarkers with dimensions of 2x5 (maybe?) just big enough for a simple design and one or two embellishes. (I really wish I could remember the site, cause I would totally give her a shoutout) I fell in love with the idea and designed some Valentine's Day themed ones. Here are my little cards:
The one on the left is slightly bigger than the other two, at 3x5 instead of 2x5.

The paper is just plain white and red cardstock. I punched out the hearts with a mini puncher that I've had for eons. The letters were stamped on with white ink. I could not get those letters to ink and stamp equally for anything!! One letter was too light, another was too bright, one didn't stamp fully, another smooshed itself out! I really need to work on my stamping! lol
I love this one! The pink paper on the bottom is cardstock and the patterned paper's design is black felt. I don't remember the stack I got it from, but I've had it for a long time. The love word is a felt rubon (again from who knows where).

I'm very happy with how this turned out! To make the silhouette, I placed a mask on the card and rubbed a cotton ball inked in black all over the mask and card. Peel away the mask, add a few gems, and voila! The love word was stamped onto pink paper and then cut out with an Exacto pen.

Please leave any comments or advice below. It's always appreciated! Thanks for viewing!

Your felty followee,

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  1. I just love these little love notes. I really like the felt paper one. TFS